The country's first ballastless track system
PATIL RHEDA is an in-house design and development based on RHEDA system designed in Germany. Our R&D team has customised this for the requirements of the Indian market. It was used in Jammu & Kashmir and for Delhi airport. Ballastless track system can be integrated optimally into traffic flow and the urban landscape whether for tram systems, underground railways or surface commuter train lines.

Patil Group of Industries has introduced a complete Ballastless track solution for urban metro rail on viaducts and underground tunnels. PATIL RHEDA Solutions are being used in many places and guaranteed under single point responsibility wherein the complete track, fastening and turnouts are integrated and delivered on a single source making it cost competitive and hassle free for customers and clients.


The advantages of using PATIL RHEDA Ballastless track systems include long life cycles, high speeds ride comfort and great load-carrying capability. Practically maintenance free, ballastless track systems ensure 100% availability over many years. In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run.

With Indian Railways still undertaking trial runs with these sleepers, implementation of PATIL RHEDA sleepers has not been widespread. The advantage of these sleepers is its use where ballast cannot be used and especially in tunnels, elevated tracks and station aprons.

The use of PATIL RHEDA sleepers is ideal for laying washable aprons at railway stations thereby improving the cleanliness of the station yards. The station aprons where the PATIL RHEDA sleepers have been implemented include Bhubaneshwar and Kacheguda,Surat.

However, as the requirements of these sleepers is not in very high quantities, bulk production is not very economical or a viable option. Sensing a potential in small quantity manufacturing, Patil Group worked to set up mini mobile production plants - these can reach the station where the apron is required. Once there, the required design can be programmed, manufactured and once the same is laid out, the production van can move to the next location eliminating the need for setting up bulk manufacturing plants and transportation of these sleepers to their destination.

PATIL RHEDA Ballastless track was selected for the Jammu-Kashmir railway line. The company has also introduced complete ballastless track solutions for urban metro rail on viaducts, underground tunnels as well.