Precast Plinth

The Pre-cast plinth Type Ballastless Track is a well proven design used at 3 metro train projects across the world. This design has been developed by Patil Group in co-ordination with leading international design consultants. The pre-cast plinth track system is a continuously supported rail with discrete shoulders retained by rail clips

The Pre-cast plinth Solutions can be implemented in the following situations:

  1. Elevated track
  2. Tunnels & viaduct

Pre-cast plinth system of Urban Metro is meant for speeds up to 80 kmph, our varied references in this product make us hopeful to aspire for further forthcoming urban metro projects in various cities..

Pre- cast Plinth advantages: 1. Provides environmental construction and it reduces obstruction to traffic as everything is factory made and onsite work is bare minimum. 2. Productivity is very high. 3. Quality and finish is better than cast in situ. 4. Capability to provide pre-assembled fastening from factory. 5. Proven design on curves 6. All technical approval and specifications in place. .