Centre for Manufacturing Excellence

Railway Sleeper

Patil group has created Dr. S S Patil centre for manufacturing excellence in-house supported by a strong team. We had set up this centre to achieve highest excellence in manufacturing processes and Cost management. Our objective for establishing this centre is to improve

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Quality of production
  • Process efficiency. Reduce Wastage
  • Improve Health, Safety and Environment conditions for people working in Factories.
  • Set Benchmark for the Industry with our Brand and become an Ambassador of India in all our product portfolio.
  • Following projects are envisaged and are being implemented under the centre.

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 5S / Kaizen
  • Robotic process implementation / Special Purpose Machine Automation
  • IOT / Condition Monitoring of all equipment and machinery
  • Skill development centre:

    To support Indian railways with next generation work force, Patil group has created a Skill development centre at its largest plant in kargi road. With huge expansion projects under planning at Indian railways, the challenge in the coming decade would be the availability of skilled workforce to execute the projects and work at manufacturing plants related to Indian Railways Industry.

    Railway Sleeper

    Keeping this in mind, Patil group has decided to play our humble role in skilling the rural youth and making them skilled to take up opportunities emerging out of Railways industry. We train students who are graduates from ITIs and other polytechnic institutes. We also provide them with the assured employment after successful completion of training program. Each training batch will have 30 numbers of students and skill development has a comprehensive curriculum as below. Other than this our in-house training programs would also held here.

    Various sessions currently undertaken in the centre are.

  • 1. Concrete mix and Casting
  • 2. Pre-stressing (Hi-tech)
  • 3. Manufacturing process of Concrete sleepers and Quality control systems
  • 4. Manufacturing process of Rail Track components – Clips, Railway pads etc,
  • 5. Railway welding
  • Railway Sleeper

    Facilities at the centre

  • 4 Class rooms
  • Full concrete laboratory
  • Pre-stressing bed
  • Metallurgical & Forging Training lab
  • Computer lab
  • Also, on request basis, we arrange sessions to other functions of railways with help from RDSO & other functionaries in Railways.