About us

Patil Group started its operations in 1933 from Gulbarga, a historic and commercially important city in the state of Karnataka by trading in agricultural products, mainly Pulses, which are an important part of the daily diet in India. From then onwards the Group activities were diversified to include:

Cement Spun Pipes, PCC and RCC Poles and Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleepers, Health-care. The main activity, however, is related to the Indian Railways.

This partnership with the Indian Railways is continuing for more than three decades. Over the years Patil Group played its part in tiding over the transition from Wooden Sleepers to Concrete Sleepers and now to Composite Sleepers. Each phase adding another milestone in its quest for exploring new possibilities and making innovative products.

Patil Group of Industries is one of the leading company in Railway Track Engineering, the Group has its activities spread in the areas of manufacturing of Concrete Sleepers, Rail Fittings for normal track, elevated & underground track for Metro Rail, Switches & Crossings (Thick Web Technology), Ballastless Track suitable for High-Speed Lines, Bridges, Tunnels and Aprons.  The Group has got its activities spread in the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka apart from Delhi Metro & Chennai Metro. i.e, entire East & South of India is covered by the Group.

Patil Group of Industries is also involved in the drawing and stranding of High Tensile Steel Wire which is a major and most crucial input in the manufacture of Pre-Stressed Concrete Sleepers. HTS Wire units are equipped with the latest technological facilities as a part of backward integration.

Now Patil Group is making its contribution in Metro Rail projects. It is supplying Fasteners exclusively for use in the Urban Rapid Mass Transport projects in Delhi and Chennai. It had already entered into Technology Partnerships with world leaders in Sleepers and Fasteners to give its products a technological edge. As the needs and shape of the Indian Railways is bound to change so is the preparedness of Patil Group to meet the challenges. Patil Group is not just a 'sleeper giant' but is alive and well in the global scene with several turnkey projects under various stages of execution Globally.

Unique Quality command Center at CHQ

Quality command center at CHQ monitors the all types tests, on daily bases for all the production units, through a independent civil engineering graduate, quality assurance Engineer placed at each production units, on line using state-of-art software to monitor, and generates SMS alerts, if any failure.

Raw materials

  1. Course Aggregate`s crushing, impact, abrasion, elongation and flakiness index including sieve analysis and dust percentages, on daily bases from all the production units.
  2. Fine aggregate`s sieve analysis report, and silt contain presence
  3. Cement`s basic parameters like, Initial setting, final setting time, Normal consistency, week number of the cement production.

Production process

  1. Batching mixing of course aggregate , Fine aggregate, cement, and water, and mixing durations.
  2. Pre-tensioning of each benches.
  3. Vibration or Compaction of the concrete, each vibrator`s RPM and time of vibrations.
  4. Steam-curing parameters like pre- steaming, gradual heating, constant temperature duration and gradual cooling process.

Dimension report of the finished products randomly, before offering to clients

  1. Sleeper dimensions like gauge, rail seat slopes, toe gaps and surface and end finishing of the sleepers.

  2. Laboratory results

    1. Monitors the Static bending test (SBT)reports of green sleeper and Normal sleepers, and monitors the statical deviations.
    2. Compress strength of steam and watered cured concrete cube, keeps the records and monitors the statical deviations.
    3. After proper and in depth analysis, QCC tries to find the root cause for failure, if any, and advises the production staff for immediate corrective measures to be taken to improve the quality. The customers can get a login ID to see, how the quality of the order is being manufactured. May be this is the only company worldwide, which has this transparency.