India’s largest foundry opened in Bokaro by Patil group.

Patil Foundry Bokaro is the one of the biggest Foundry in India for the manufacturing of Ductile Iron Castings. Our products cater to the Global Railways and General Engineering sectors. We are proud to have Indian Railway as our Main customers, in the Rail sectors worldwide. Patil Foundry equipped with ‘Disa - High Pressure Automatic Molding Line’ with modern online Auto Pouring and Sand Testing facility. Established in 2020, Patil Foundry Bokaro has focused on producing superior quality castings for a wide range of product cater to Global Market. This focus is to help to grow over to a position of market leadership.

Patil Group recently acquired ' Apnatech'.

Patil Group has acquired Apna Technologies & Solutions Pvt Ltd (“ApnaTech”), the Company Is into a business of development and manufacturing of digital railway track diagnosis solution Like Wheel Impact Load Detectors, Hot Box Detectors, Acoustic Bearing Detector and Onboard Systems etc., to Indian Railways. ApnaTech has majority of market share in the Railway wayside System market and PRIL partnership will help in retaining the spot as the market grows.Apna Technologies & Solutions (ApnaTech), designs, develops, manufactures and maintains Integrated Technology Products & Systems that improves and increases Safety and Efficiency Of assets in Railways. ApnaTech is the First Company India to install wayside systems like Wheel Impact Load Detectors & Hot Box Detectors in Indian Railways Network.This new partnership adds additional strength to ApnaTech in Implementing Indigenous Technologies & Solutions in India and aligns with Government of India’s goal Atmanirbhar Bharat.


Modern Fastening for high speed trains.

An initiative by Patil group under “Atmanirbhar Bharat” - Modern Fastening system with strict manufacturing tolerances to get the static track gauge within ± 1 mm for IR Ballasted track suitable for Semi high speed (up to 200 kmph) and Heavy axle load. Patil group has developed Modern fastening system with strict manufacturing tolerance for Indian Railway’ ballasted track suitable for Semi high speed (upto 200 kmph) and Heavy axle load. The developed Modern Fastening system is the product of manufacturing excellence & with the special mould in the existing wider base PSC Sleepers, by which we were able to control the manufacturing tolerance of PSC Sleepers. The system is developed by our in-house innovation towards tighter control of manufacturing tolerances of the system, which includes stricter control in PSC sleeper manufacturing, special mould design in rail seat area, and control of tolerance of GFN liners manufacturing etc. Track Assembly having static track gauge within ± 1mm, laid with these wider base PSC Sleeper and modern fastening, produced with strict manufacturing tolerances has been extensively inspected by RDSO.

Patil group gets the first certificate from quality forum of India.

Every plant of Patil Group has successfully completed many Quality Circle projects. We had Participated in “CCQC-2020, Hyderabad chapter organized by QCFI (Quality Circle Forum of India) And awarded Gold Medal in Quality circle competition.

Patil group has signed a JV agreement with PORR group, Austria to supply Ballastless track systems to Indian Rail Market

The Porr system was designed to replace the typical behaviour of the ballasted track by several elastic elements in the ballastless system. The typical behaviour of a ballasted track shows the elasticity in the ballast itself and in the rail fastening system. These two elastic elements have to be copied by the elasticity of the rail fastening system in the ballastless track and of the elasticity of a second layer which is situated at the bottom of the prefabricated slabs. This system leads to a distribution of the elasticity between the elastic coating of the slabs and the rail fastening system of 10% to 90%.

Patil Group has bagged an export order from M/s. IRCON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED for Manufacture, Supply, Transport of Pre-stressed mono-block concrete sleepers for main line track and special sleepers of 3,16,800 nos for the contracts of Restoration of various railway lines in Northern Province of Sri Lanka, with the delivery period of 12 months. The supplies are under progress from our unit at Tirumangalam.

India’s longest railway tunnel was opened for transportation between two prominent regions in Jammu and Kashmir.

Patil group is part of the prestigious project of construction of second longest railway tunnel in Asia Connecting Qazigund in Kashmir and Banihal in Jammu by 11 km. Patil group is a complete system solution provider for the ballast less track structure and is involved in supplying the PATIL Rheda ® Bi-block sleeper and Vossloh 300-1U fastening along with the design services and technical assistance for Ballast less track design and installation.

The train in this route would take just 6.6 minutes to travel the distance from Banihal in the south side of the mountain to Qazigund in the north side and thus would take passengers from Jammu region to reach areas juxtaposed to Kashmir in just six minutes.

India’s first ever high-speed ballastless track rail corridor
We are proud to announce the opening of India’s first ever high-speed ballastless track rail corridor, in the process turning a new chapter in high-speed railway by M/S PATIL RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE PVT Ltd., with a partnership of Delhi Airport Metro Express Link (DAMEL)

International Projects
Presently the Group is engaged in manufacture and supply of concrete sleepers in Sri Lanka through IRCON International Ltd.

Export of Dual gauge sleepers to Bangladesh Railways
Patil Group has successfully designed and exported 122,000 Dual gauge Concrete Sleepers suitable to BS 90 A rail section along with fittings to the Bangladesh Railways.

M/s Patil Group of Industries is one of the first company in India in the World-Class Ballastless Track System " PATIL RHEDA" for the Indian Railways with Joint Venture with M/s PFLEIDERER AG of Germany. Pfleiderer AG has got more than 50 years of experience in Ballastless track technology and has laid more then 1000 kilo meters of Ballastless track in different parts of the world.

Patil Group of Industries is the first Indian firm selected for laying Ballastless Track System on Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla BG Rail link Project in tunnels, stations,aprons. This track system shall be laid on the world's highest bridges above sea level.

pgradation Patil Group has more than nine manufacturing locations and has already gone International . The Technology Upgradation cell is busy with constant research and has performed well to develop and upgrade the manufacturing process for cost cuttings, wastage and to improve quality. Automation has been brought in to ensure the smooth functioning of the units and to reduce the power consumption.